The Department is actively engaged in overall environmental assessment, monitoring, protection and awareness. Multi-dimensional approach is being adopted by the Department for promotion, conservation and preservation of Environment. While implementing these policies and programmes, the department is guided by the principle of sustainable development and enhancement of human well-being.

The activities of Department of Environment are:

  • All works related to the establishment of the officers/employees of The Directorate of Environment, U.P.
  • Management of plan and non-plan budget for the Directorate of Environment, U.P.
  • Review of establishment of the U.P. Pollution Control Board and duties performed by them.
  • Prepare an environment friendly plan for environmental degradation and environmental sensitive sectors.
  • All the works specified into the Environment Protection Acts.
  • Actions on complaint related to environment degradation, loss and environmental pollution.
  • Coordination with U.P. Pollution Control Board on inspection related work.